Brookes Reserve - Stisted - Pattiswick

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You start from a lovely little SSSI run by Essex Wildlife Trust and full of birds, a wide variety of plants and trees and wildlife. There's even a free, gated car park, though this has been closed for some time. There is a small amount of parking nearby at the roadside. Otherwise, you may wish to patk near Stisted Church and start the walk from there.

The walk takes you through delightful woodland, around a golf course and on farmland paths as well as visiting the two charming little villages of Stisted and Pattiswick.

England - East England - Essex - Countryside


Birds, Butterflies, Church, Flowers, Great Views, Mostly Flat, Nature Trail, Pub, River, Wildlife, Woodland
30/01/2020 - Sid Marks

If you like walking through mud, you will enjoy this walk. Nearly every path through farmers fields, have not been maintained. Just very thick rutted mud. All the paths through the woods were either thick mud or flooded. I wouldn't advise doing this walk until the Spring time. Just a couple of updates the car park remains closed, so parked at Stisted church, waymark 15. The electric fence at waymark 9 has now been removed. No problems with anyone at the golf course, all very friendly. Good walk instructions, and the walk is 7.6 miles

13/08/2018 - Gill Pirie

Did this walk yesterday. The comments about the golfers at the club were correct although they weren’t rude to us, we just felt we were in the way. At Waymark 9 to 10 a farmer has put up an electric fence at this point which we had to go round and emerge on to the road opposite Waymark 10 & had to scramble through barbed wire and a hedge of brambles & hawthorns not pleasant and which can easily tear your clothes. In fact several hawthorn barbs were embedded in my thigh upon existing and which left puncture marks..

27/04/2014 - Karen Redgwell

Excellent walk stunning Essex countryside, hedgerows, fields crossings we'll defined with rapeseed cut away and have to say no problem at golf course well marked and bluebells stunning in the various woods. Car park still padlocked at Brooke's Reserve sadly but decided to park in Stisted without any problem.

04/01/2012 - Shelley and Paul Rowland

Completed this walk on 02/01/12. Lovely walk as always with Walkingworld but just wanted to point out some points. The car park is still closed so we parked at Point 15 on the road by Stisted Church and started the walk from here. Plenty of parking on the road and a nice little tea shop available too (although not open for us as was a bank holiday). At waymark 7 it was very very boggy - not a problem in walking boots but would recommend appropriate footwear if doing this walk in the winter. At waymark 8 the path is still cropped over and it is rather difficult to see the waymark ahead due to growth - however we just plunged forward and got there eventually. At waymark 10 whereby you are to enter the golf course, I would conduct this part with care - once you turn right follow the white posts and try to get into the wooded area there as soon as possible. We were walking along this part and were approached by some very rude golfers telling us we were on private land and that the footpath runs through the wood and that we shouldn't even be on the ground - there was no arguing with them (extremely rude)but wanted to point this out to avoid anyone else getting this horrid response which was a shame as it did put rather a dampener on the walk to be honest. You do then have to walk along the inside perimeter of the golf course later but at waymark 14 we left the golf course opting to return to the church and our car along the road instead of carrying on in the golf course. Hope this helps as it was a very enjoyable walk up until the golf course part. Happy walking.

17/07/2011 - Sid Marks

Very enjoyable walk. Car park remains closed, so parked on layby by gate. A few hints which may be helpful: At waymark 11 you exit the field onto the road by a gate in the top right corner. At waymark 17, the path leading to the farm through the huge field is completely obliterated with crops, at least 5 feet high. At waymark 22 in Great Monks Wood past the pond, you arrive at a T junction of paths. You need to turn left here, then 2nd right to arrive at Nunty's Lane.

19/06/2006 - Walkingworld Administrator

Message received from Neil Bedford, Senior Reserves Manager

Thank you for your email about Brookes Car park. Unfortunately we have suffered bad fly tipping and vandalism problems so we shut the car park. However, we have recently made the decision to open the car park again and hope that we don't suffer any problems, unfortunately if we do we will have to close the car park again. This is a decision we don't take lightly, but we have a really good volunteer warden and it is unfair on him to be expected to clear up trailer loads of garden rubbish every week. I hope this helps, Many thanks

08/06/2006 - Gail Peters

Tried to access the car park but there is a lock on it. Managed to park just by the gate. The walk was however very enjoyable.