Caversham - Mapledurham - Kidmore End - Caversham

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Caversham - Mapledurham - Cane End - Kidmore End - Caversham

The walk starts in Caversham, which until 1911 was part of Oxfordshire before being incorporated into Berkshire and Greater Reading, despite being on the other side of the River Thames (a natural boundary). Although many parts of Caversham have historic large houses, rapid house-building from the 1920s has given it an urban appearance very similar to other areas outside Reading. This is apparent on the last stretch of the walk.

From Caversham, the walk soon heads into the countryside (and the Chilterns) through a golf course and some fine views to the west. Continuing northwards, the walk skirts Nuney Green with more fine views, plus Cane End House before reaching Cane End.

Leaving Cane End, the walk navigates open fields before reaching the pretty village of Kidmore End with its flint and brick houses, a well and a pub. After admiring Kidmore House, the walk heads south and downhill to reach Hemdean (aka Bugs Bottom), a huge open space in Caversham.

The final stretch is a walk through the streets of Caversham with its mixture of different housing types, before returning to the start of the walk.

England - Central England - Oxfordshire - Chilterns


Birds, Church, Pub, Public Transport, Restaurant, Stately Home
01/11/2020 - Andrew Long

Walk revisited and updated by contributor on 1 November 2020 in response to Gavin's comments. Length of shorter version of walk amended to be 9 miles (14.5 KM). If you wish to avoid walking on country lanes, this walk is not for you.

14/09/2019 - Gavin Bradshaw

This is a follow up to my earlier comment. This walk took me 3 hours 57 minutes to complete, almost an hour longer than the estimate. I'm not a very fast walker, even so, I am wondering if perhaps the walk has been extended at some point without the description being updated? Having measured it on an O/S map, I estimate the distance to be approximately 8.8 miles, not the 7.5 that is stated. This might explain why my feet were more sore than expected. :)

14/09/2019 - Gavin Bradshaw

I have mixed opinions about this walk, some parts was quite enjoyable, other parts less so for me, because there was a bit too much time of country lanes, one of which was quite busy. The directions were good and there were some pleasant views to be had. A few things seem to have changed over the years as noted below. Waymark 4/5 - The disused stile next to a gate mentioned at the end of WM 4 and pictured in WM 5 is no longer there. I was well on my way towards WM 6 before realising I'd missed the first part of the WM 5 directions. Waymark 7 - I had a bit of trouble locating the path across the field initially and wasn't sure which "solitary" tree I should be aiming for. My advice would be to aim for where the electricity power lines meet the farm buildings. Waymark 11 - All traces of the former pub / Thai restaurant have now gone. When I went by they were building some new houses on the site.

09/10/2017 - Andrew Long

Thanks for your comments John. I have re-visited the walk and taken your comments on-board. WM17 has been simplified as original footpath is completely overgrown. I did the walk on a sunny, mild October sunday afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed myself!

26/09/2017 - John Branscombe

Completed this very enjoyable walk on 25th September 2017. Instructions very very good but would like to add the following to assist... WM 12 - The footpath is not clearly defined. It would appear the land owner has ploughed and planted over field. Walk around edge of field with hedge on left and make way to lane. Turn right to Kidmore End come out just before Oakridge Farm. WM16 - Path here completely overgrown and no access. Ignore and go on to next path on right. Much much easier as per WM17

17/06/2012 - Andrew Long

Walk re-visited and updated by contributor. Alternative last section through Caversham added in Additional Info for those who do not wish to spent so much time walking through the urban area.

17/01/2012 - James Milne

Walked on 10/01/2012. Very pleasant.

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