Lower Basildon - Basildon Park - Upper Basildon Circular

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Lower Basildon - Basildon Park - Upper Basildon - Thames Path - Lower Basildon

This walk falls into four distinct parts: ascent on a woodland-edge path and over fields to the village; a stretch along the village street and beyond; descent through attractive woods; and a final, climactic section along the Thames Path.

Close to the start and finish is the National Trust's superb Palladian Basildon House and Park, whilst the walk passes the river entrance to Beale Park Zoological Gardens with its miniature railway and other attractions.

Waymark 01 has been rewritten to take the walker up a quiet bridleway to the east of Lower Basildon, rather than navigating the narrow and potentially dangerous Park Wall Lane opposite the petrol station. The new route brings fantastic views over the Thames Valley, cooling woods, the chance to see some deer and the mansion at the top of the climb.

England - South England - Berkshire - Countryside


Birds, Butterflies, Church, Flowers, Good for Kids, Great Views, Hills or Fells, National Trust, Play Area, Pub, Public Transport, River, Stately Home, Tea Shop, Toilets, Wildlife, Woodland
23/04/2017 - Jeremy Farrell

I did this walk today and it was glorious weather and a lovely walk through forests and amongst farmlands with horses and houses from the 1800's. I had to turn around at Waymarker 7due to time pressure and take a 45 minute walk down to the car, following Mead Lane and then turning right onto the A329, over the railway bridge, and down through Beale Park to get to the car. We thoroughly enjoyed this walk. With the route we chose it took us about 2.5 hours including a fair lunch break in the field.

02/08/2016 - David Sopp

Did this walk at the weekend and agree with the comments about the lack of a path leaving upper Basildon. More importantly , the distance is now in excess of 7 miles, probably increased following the rerouting of the early stages.

25/08/2011 - Nigel Williamson

An enjoyable walk with some pleasant views and a good section of the Thames Path.Agree with other contributors that the section just before WM5 is overgrown and the section WM8 to WM9 through the village is difficult where there is no pavement - the road was quite busy.

21/08/2011 - Helen Shirley-Quirk

Lovely walk. The revised first section, from WM2 - 3 is a definite improvement over the previous route. The section just before WM5 is a bit overgrown but no sign of an electric fence now. The section by the Thames was beautiful and despite many years walking in this area, not one we had ever found before, as we normally use the Thames path on the north bank.

05/10/2009 - Paul Roberson

A very enjoyable walk although a few points should be noted. Firstly, after Basildon Court house(a few hundred yards after WM4) there is a farm that had 5 barking dogs which were quite unnerving as I passed. One dog did manage to escape the property onto the path but fortunately was more noisy than agressive. Certainly if someone was nervous of dogs it should be noted. The second point is the long road stretch between WM8 and WM9. It is quite a busy (and fast) road and the pavement does not extend beyond the village. I would not suggest this walk for young children. Finally between WM9 and WM10 the farmer had decided to erect an electified fence across the walk. He had provided some minimal non-conducting sleeving to avoid touching the wires but it was quite tricky to get over. I am not sure whether the current was on but I didn't want to check this! Oh by the way (in response to Andrew Long) I found Jethro Tull's memorial stone close to the memorial of the two drowned children against the church wall.

04/06/2009 - Andrew Long

I checked this walk a couple of weeks ago and popped into the graveyard of St Barts church when walking 1569 to see Jethro Tull's grave but couldn't find it. Also I noted this walk involves a lengthy section of a narrow country lane (Park Wall Lane) WM1 with no pavement. As Gavin says it may be worth noting if you have children and others wary of traffic in tow. There is a footpath which nearly does the same route to the east (from A329 looking north) skirting to east of Hill Fields Farm and brings you out near WM2. May be worth investigating as an option. Given concerns raised by Gavin - I think I will investigate this parallel footpath. As to the second stretch of road between WM6 and WM7 - I must admit it was comparably straightforward to WM1. I walked it about 2pm on a sunny Sunday afternoon - but I felt comfortable. I did have to cross the road but it was possible with care. I dont recall any banks. As to overgrown paths - yes I recall there being some vegetation but I dont recall it being particularly overgrown, dangerous or causing you to lose your way. WM5 was unsigned but usable, WM8 was a bit overgrown but walkable. Perhaps the nettles etc had suddenly appeared in 5 days! I would encourage walkers to trample the weeds down or hack them with a pole.

04/06/2009 - Walkingworld Administrator

With thanks to Andrew Long, this walk was updated June 2009.

29/05/2009 - Gavin Bradshaw

I didn't find the first half of this walk very enjoyable. Too much of it was along narrow roads, with no verges, blind bends and quite a lot of traffic. You have to be really careful and I'd certainly not recommend taking a dog with you as I found the roads quite dangerous. Plus many of the paths were quite overgrown.

04/01/2009 - Richard Pollard

The Beehive Pub is closed 4th Jan 09, and up for sale. There is an alternative pub called the Red Lion within quarter of a mile. Recommend phoning to check it is open if you are relying on a pub lunch.

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