Southrepps - The Shrieking Pit - Overstrand - Northrepps

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At map reference 253391 you will come across the water-filled pit called The Shrieking Pit. The story of its name and of the beautiful young Esmerelda will be found on a placard nailed to a tree.

The Southern Rhodesia Memorial Avenue is opposite Southrepps Hall. The centrepiece is of a union flag accompanied by a placard which tells briefly of the Pioneer Corps and the raising and lowering of the flag.

The wooden notice-board is made from the wood of a 1,000-year-old oak-tree that grew on this estate. The trees, Tilia Cordata, a small-leaf lime, are grown as a Living Memory of those who helped to make up the Colony of Southern Rhodesia. The plaque on the flagpole tells the story of the flag. The British Flag was raised in Salisbury by the Pioneer column on 13th September 1890. Southern Rhodesia was made a Self Governing Crown Colony in 1923. Rhodesians loyally and proudly supported the British Empire and our monarchy. Many served and fell in the Boer War and the World Wars of 1914 and 1939 for their King and Country. Britain dissolved the country and lowered the Flag in 1980.

Each tree has an identification marker showing the Southern Rhodesia Avenue tree reference number. The planting records are kept in the Tree Archives at Southrepps Hall. The trees that have South African granite plaques bedded under them are a memorial to those who are remembered by that tree. Those that carry a cross on the plaque mark where their ashes were buried with due ceremony under the tree that carries their name. The plaque on the steps of Southrepps Hall reads: The Southern Rhodesia Memorial Avenue was laid out in 1990 to the memory of that loyal Self Governing Crown Colony. The trees were planted in recognisance of those who Loved and Made Southern Rhodesia. The Avenue runs from the flagstaff in front of Southrepps Hall proudly flying the Union Flag of Southern Rhodesia, symbolising their loyal support for the Crown and Empire with the 12th Century Church of St James seen in the East honouring the continuity of their Faith and Inheritance.

Gerald Barnes  Forester for the Avenue;

Peter Sladden Lord of the Manor.     

The Flag Raising Ceremony is based on the Flag Raising parade, similar to those held each year from 1890 to 1980 on Cecil Square, commemorating the first hoisting of the Union Jack flag at Fort Salisbury on the 13th September 1890. The Ceremony of the Raising of the Flag has been carried out each year since 1980 in The Southern Rhodesia Memorial Avenue by protagonists of that Brave Self Governing Colony and we proudly guarding our inheritance of the British Empire. The ceremony is arranged by the Rhodesian Christian Group and the Constitutional Monarchy Association and takes place on a Sunday near 13th September.

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