Dinas Powys - Sully - Dinas Powys

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This walk starts in the busy village of Dinas Powys. From the start the walk heads off across the open moorland of the Cadaxton flood-plain before reaching the beach at Sully. The walk then continues along the beach with views of the coastline on both sides of the Bristol Channel. Finally the walker returns to Dinas Powys via Cross Common and the Cog Moors.

During this walk there are excellent opportunities to see wildlife, including kestrels hunting over the moors and a wide range of seabirds near the coast that nest on uninhabited Sully Island. There can be livestock in some of the fields crossed and the walk also skirts around the edge of a golf course, so be ready to put your dog on a lead if you take one.

I encountered a muddy patch after Waymark 2 when I last walked the route. It had rained heavily the day before and the track is used by cows moving between fields, so you may have to leave the track briefly and use an adjoining field if not wearing boots for the walk. It is also wise to note that some of this walk is over the flood-plain of the River Cadaxton and can be underwater if it has rained for several days, particularly in the winter months.

There are pubs in Dinas Powys Village near to Waymark 20 and also the Sully Arms just after Waymark 11, both serving food at lunchtimes. At Waymark 14, turning right down the hill instead of left will bring you to the Captain's Wife with restaurant / pub, snack kiosk, picnic benches and access to Sully Island at low tide.

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5/13/2014 - Valerie Monaghan

Abandoned this walk after less than 0.5 mile! The first gate along the track at Point 2 was tied up at both ends (to keep it from falling down) and took over 5 minutes to get through (wasn't safe to climb it). The next two gates were also tied with plastic binder twine, but were manageable. There was standing water after the second gate, but it was just passable. After the fourth gate, however, the track was effectively a water meadow; lush greenery and flowers, but water and mud up to a foot deep, as I found out! As we'd only gone 20 yards and there was a long stretch of similar terrain in front of us, we turned back. Suggest waiting for a drought before considering this walk.

4/1/2012 - David Leason

Did this walk at end of March 2012 after weeks of dry weather but the track of paragraph 2 was over ankle deep in soft mud and water, and became impassable due to brambles. Choose the left hand fields for the least problems until you can see the waymark for the entry to the golf course. Paragraph 8. The stretch of road here is very close to a bend and it is quite dangerous to cross. Suggest walking "the wrong way" to get further away from the bend to cross more safely. Paragraph 16 this road is very narrow with no verge in parts and high hedges. Again great care is needed.

10/31/2010 - Keith Rackham

I wouldn't try this walk between September and May due to the knee deep mud and water, unless you are a bog snorkeler.

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