Around Barkham (Wokingham)

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This is a popular local walk through farmland and woodland to the west of the charming market town of Wokingham. The walk starts off at The Coombes which is a favourite location for Wokingham dog walkers. It heads south through cooling woodland before reaching the Barkham Road. The walk then crosses open fields (where you may see deer!) before coming out on Barkham Street. The walk then passes by St James' Church before heading back into Barkham through more countryside. Unfortunately Wokingham is gaining many houses at the expense of open fields so please take the opportunity to enjoy the open fields whilst you have the chance!

England - South England - Berkshire - Countryside


Birds, Church, Great Views, Mostly Flat, Pub, Wildlife, Woodland
5/31/2021 - Andrew Long

Walk has been thoroughly reviewed and updated especially WM03. There are no stiles to cross! Suggested pubs added as well. Photographs refreshed as well.

3/30/2021 - Gavin Bradshaw

While there are no stunning views to be had, there aren't any step hills to climb either. But the scenery is nice and peaceful, made up of a mixture of fields and a bit of woodland to give you some shelter from the fun. The short stretches along the roads have pavements or adequate verges for the most part. I didn't have any issue with the directions, but I tended to use the map on the app to ensure I kept on track.

9/12/2015 - Harley Quilliam

A very pleasant little walk, although the initial sections could get very muddy after heavy rain. The 'cross ditch and turn left' direction, given in WM3, is at SU 77504 67549, about 200 yds SE of WM3. The white and blue arrows on trees have very largely disappeared, either due to trees falling down, or perhaps water-soluble paint. After climbing the 'fourth bank' there is a nice little clearing, with a convenient tree branch, which makes a good place to have lunch. St James' Church, Barkham, is worth a look. Noted the very old church door kept in the porch, while trying not to disturb the lady sleeping there.

8/11/2013 - Chris French

Despite the long grass this was easily navigable in shorts, in August ;-} We knew the area well except for the depths of deepest 'The Coombes' with some nice up-and-downs. I would suggest perhaps in the description of point 4 'Cross ditch and turn left.' could be 'Where a path comes in from the left, turn right to cross the ditch and then immediately left again.'

11/29/2010 - Simon Crute

There's also food to be had at the Bull at Barkham (take a left at point 5, not a right for about 100m) which is (or was last time I checked) a fare bit cheaper for food than the Walter Arms.

12/27/2009 - Adrian Perkins

Our thanks to Andrew Long for his updates to this walk. Updated December 2009. Adrian (Admin)

12/27/2009 - Andrew Long

WM03 instructions are still causing confusion and so decided to re-walk and re-word them to clear this up!

1/2/2008 - Chris Hems

We drove to and started from the excellent Crooked Billet pub (SU 79577 67908), which serves good food and good ale. After a short extension we joined and left the walk as it crosses the B3349. Highly recommended, perfect as an after lunch walk! tip: Woodland paths are tricky without a compass/gps (and after a few ales), easy on a bearing though and a lovely walk.

12/28/2007 - Chris Christodoulou

We did this walk on 17th Dec and encountered no problems with directions, perhaps this was because the trees were bare and we were able to see the bridge at point 3 easily, no problems with finding the white arrows either. BUT if you are approaching or leaving this walk via the B3349 Barkham Rd do watch out for the speed camera in the 30mph zone!... Chris Christodoulou.

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