Bishop Hill and West Lomond

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This reasonably lengthy walk provides views over a huge area and in winter and spring the snow-capped tops of the high mountains to the NW and N are impressive. Panoramas exist through 360 degrees and nearby interest never wanes.

In bad weather or when snow or severe ice exists, this walk requires full walking gear and care and becomes strenuous.

Scotland - Central Scotland - Fife - Countryside


Ancient Monument, Great Views, Hills or Fells, Lake/Loch, Moor, Mountains, Toilets
2/15/2023 - Tom and Joyce Kay

The obvious ascent path of West Lomond is now heavily eroded and requires care. Other paths adjacent are possible alternatives.

4/9/2016 - Tom and Joyce Kay

A slightly easier descent from Bishop's Hill can be obtained by passing through the gate at Wpt 15, continuing North for about 300m to NO186051 and then descending East on an obvious path down the glen to reach Wpt 16. A small loss of views is the penalty.

9/13/2012 - Tom and Joyce Kay

13/09/2012 - Tom Kay Colin Young is indeed correct in that there is a faint path on the left immediately before Waymark 18 and it by-passes the wetter reedy section before the climb. There is a convenient walker's gate and bridge at 201058 to rejoin the route.

6/13/2012 - Colin Young

This is quite a tough walk due to the steep climb of West Lomond at the end - it might be worth doing it the other way round so you don't arrive weary at a pretty steep climb. It took me over 6 hours and I didn't feel I was stopping very much or going particularly slowly. There is a marker post near a gate well before waymark 13 - but it is the wrong sort of gate and a quick look at the map clarifies all! At waymark 18 do not go through the gate as there is no path there. Turn left and follow the path beside the dyke till you reach a newer walkers' gate and go through it - to meet your steep ascent - which certainly made me breathless well before the "huffing and puffing" section! At this point it would be possible to miss out the ascent of West Lomond by following a path which leads back towards the reservoir. Finding an easy ascent of the last section is difficult. The views throughout this walk are fantastic and the walk itself is extremely satisfying - giving a whole new perspective on the Kingdom of Fife.

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