Bridgemere - Checkley Wood - Checkley - Bridgemere

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A walk in two counties - this walk starts and finishes in Cheshire but there is a small excursion into Shropshire along the way.

England - North England - Cheshire - Countryside


Birds, Food Shop, Tea Shop, Toilets, Woodland
10/17/2017 - Ian Dodd

We did this walk on 6 October. At Phynsons Hayes as we came round on the road to the house entrance where we pass to the left into the fields, four dogs came running out barking at us, running at us with bared teeth. I'm wary of dogs at the best of times but my husband isn't, and even he thought we were in trouble. No sign of any owners who might have called them off. We managed to back away but it was a frightening experience.By the time we came to waymark 8 where we had to walk through another farmyard I had completely lost my nerve and we opted to stay on the road which wasn't great. The Ramblers website says dangerous or intimidating dogs should be reported to the police and these were certainly intimidating, but would the police really be interested? And I'm not sure I want these comments to be published on WW as they are so negative and I don't like to be negative. Also, other walkers might be quite happy for four dogs to come running towards them and wouldn't be frightened by them at all. I don't know. Maybe I'd just like the authors of the walk to know that this route may not be as good as it once was. The fields/gates before Phynsons Hayes are tricky and not at all walker-friendly. Neither is the stretch on the A road, although short.

4/12/2012 - Jane Lowthion

There have been a few changes to this walk since first posted. The stile at the beginning has been moved and replaced by 2 stiles but it is well waymarked. Physons farm is now a posh mansion and you can no longer walk through the farm yard. You just follow the road round the house to the left. We got the impression that the owners of this property do not like walkers. A lady was in the garden so we asked if we were on the right track and she was very unhelpful. The footpath from Checkley Green is very unclear as there have been a few changes to the fields here. We did not emerge where we expected to. On the whole though an enjoyable stroll.

1/21/2012 - Susan Brown

As already mentioned we attempted this one with 4 dogs. All of the dogs throroughly enjoyed it especially the little splash in the stream near the beginning. If your dogs are better behaved than ours there are probably a few points that you can let them off the lead especially on the farm track as you pass Checkley Wood. However, there were a few fields with cattle and sheep which didn't seem at all bothered by our passing, and even an Alpaca farm which the youngest pup was particularly taken with. There were also several stiles and some had dog gates alongside them but even the ones that didn't had sufficient space between the fencing for the dogs to climb through. We didn't have to do any lifting of muddy paws over fences. All in all a lovely day out with the dogs.

1/21/2012 - Susan Brown

I've been wanting to do this one for quite some time and what better than a gentle stroll to walk off some of that Christmas widening of the waste. We attempted the walk with 4 dogs. Thoroughly enjoyed the varied scenery and the fact that it remained flat was a welcome surprise since we haven't been out for a while. Thank you for taking the time to put it together. It was still enjoyable and refreshing in spite of the cloud and hazy rain.

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