Caversham Park Village - Chalkhouse Green and Back

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The walk starts in Caversham Park Village north of Reading and is readily accessible by public transport. The route rapidly disappears into a tree-lined path before re-emerging in the countryside near Littlestead Green. Dunsden Green follows next where the excellent Loddon Brewery can be found, as well as the fantastic gardens of the house in Waymark 05 (see photograph). The route then takes the green Tagg Lane (with its muddy bits) before heading across the fields to reach Comp Wood. After passing through Comp Wood, enjoy the views of the Chilterns towards Crowsley before walking the dips and elevations of the fantastic landscape around Crowsley Grange. After visiting Crowsley, the walk cuts across more fields to reach Bird Wood and the Bird in Hand pub. The route cuts across open fields past the intriguingly named Cucumber Plantation to reach Chalkhouse Green with its array of interesting cottages. The walk proceeds down and later up the Chalkhouse Green Lane to return to Caversham Park Village via the scenic Clayfield Copse Local Nature Reserve.

England - Central England - Oxfordshire - Thames Valley


Birds, Great Views, Mostly Flat, Pub, Public Transport, Wildlife, Woodland
6/6/2021 - Andrew Long

Following Gavin's useful comments, I walked the route on a pleasant early June Sunday. WM04 updated to reference the excellent Loddon brewery and changed reference to stile. WM11 updated so that the journey from entering field to arriving at country lane is much clearer. Despite having the wettest May for a long time, WM14 was surprising dry apart from 2/3 sticky spots! New Photos added for WM08/11 and route is now stile free!

8/21/2019 - Gavin Bradshaw

Waymark 4. After crossing the lane, I couldn't see a stile opposite, but a little ways to the right, there was a gate you go round the end of. It did look as it a stile might have been there once. Waymark 11. It does seem like there is a chunk of directions missing here. A cut and paste error perhaps. Shortly after passing to the right of the cottage (mentioned in previous way mark), you come to a fork. The right hand fork starts with a kissing gate, go through this and walk ahead to edge of wooded area (Morgan's wood) where you pass through another kissing gate. I can't remember exactly what came next, but I think the path cut across a field going down hill, reaching a gate or stile at the bottom. After that, the path leads to the part in the current directions that starts 'before arriving at wood'. General comment: A really nice walk staring on the edge of town, but providing some surprisingly pleasant views on the edge of the Chilterns. In contrast to other comments, I encountered hardly any mud (I went in August and it had been raining recently). The only very muddy bit was just before the stables mentioned in Waymark 14 and that only lasted a minute, though I could see the whole path getting extremely muddy at different times of the year. When I crossed the field at waymark 13, the ground was very dry. The crops were at least 7 feet high when I was there, with a clear, but narrow path which seemed to go on for ever and ever. I felt like Roger Moore in Live and Let Die after he'd discovered the poppy fields. No idea what the farmer was growing, but it was very tall and very green.

1/13/2019 - Andrew Long

Following comments received, I completed this walk on Sunday 13 January around lunchtime and have made some tweaks to the narrative including a new photo at WM10 and corrections to location of WM17. The photographs are correct, each one refers to the start of the WM location. Mud - in the additional information section, it clearly states that you may encounter mud, when and where.

1/5/2019 - Dave Robson

Most of the pictures did not seem to correspond with the waypoints. Waypoint 17 must be someone's house because it can't be on the route!!

1/5/2019 - Dave Robson

Did this walk yesterday, not too much rain recently, so I wasn't expecting too much mud. However the last section along Chalkhousegreen lane was awful. Deep clinging mud, churned up by horses across the whole width of the path. Do not walk this section unless its been bone dry for weeks!

5/15/2011 - Andrew Long

Walk reviewed and updated

11/23/2010 - Paul and Maureen Watts

The public house mentioned at WM12 - The Bird in Hand is now refurbished and fully open [November 2010]. Excellent warm welcome from the landlord, good beer and a truly exceptional menu. Highly recommended for a mid walk break.

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