Elie Chain Walk

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There are two 'Via Ferrata' in the UK; one runs up Fleetwith Pike in the Lake District, run as a commercial activity by the Honister Quarry Company and you go harnessed up and clipped into the wire. The Elie Chain walk is free, maintained by Fife Council and you don't need a harness, using the chains and footholds to assist you along.

The walk is situated on the beautiful Fife Coast and starts at Shell Bay before walking toward the pretty twin communities of Elie and Earlsferry, passing WW2 ruins along the way. Then the Chain Walk is traversed, taking you back to Shell Bay.

The walk should only be attempted at low tides (starting about ninety minutes after high tide is best) and although short and without significant height gain, is marked as strenuous due to the chain sections, where a slip could be painful.

Only for the reasonably fit!

Scotland - Central Scotland - Fife - Coast

3/30/2021 - Richard Hardy

Information about Kincraig Point Battery This coast battery, constructed in brick and concrete, is situated to the S of Kincraig Hill, overlooking Macduff's Cave. A World War Two medium calibre battery consisting of two 6-inch Mk VII/II guns was installed in 1939 and replaced in 1942 by Mk VII/v guns. The battery was again altered in 1943 with the earlier 6-inch guns being replaced by three 6-inch Mk XXIV/v guns, these being removed in 1956. When the UK's coastal artillery defences were stood down

3/30/2021 - Richard Hardy

Am writing a series of walks which take you to or close to some of the military defences of the Forth. The gun battery above the chain walk is one of those defences - here are the other walks (others may be added) 8641- Defending the Forth 1: Braehead Bay and St Bride's 8642 - Defending the Forth 2: Charles Hill Battery and the Monks Cave 8643 - Defending Fife 3 - Downing Point Battery and Letham Hill Wood 7572 - Elie Chain Walk

5/10/2016 - Richard Hardy

Not really possible with dogs, unless you have climbing harnesses for them !!