Glastonbury Abbey - Middle Edgarley - Havyatt - Glastonbury Tor

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Glastonbury Tor dominates the local countryside and this probably explains the chapel built on top of it. Glastonbury Abbey is reputedly the resting place of Arthur and Guinevere... so the 'Middle Ages Tourist Board' would have us believe.

Glastonbury itself is home for 'a bunch of old hippies' who seem to coexist happily with other residents. It also houses a museum and other historic buildings (there is another round-town walk on this website, if you are interested).

The walk takes you from the abbey out of town and through fields surrounding the area before returning via Glastonbury Tor, which is the steep ascent of the walk. There are a number of stiles on the walk as well as a couple of electric fences. One stile was a bit overgrown and one field had quite dense but low vegetation (when we walked in August!)

Toilets and various cafes can be found in the town.

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8/14/2023 - Charlie Bolton

I have just rewalked this, and have to agree that the stile at waymark 14 is impassable. When I get time, I will update the walk, but in the meantime, I suggest anyone wanting to do it does the following. 1. Pass the impassable stile at waymark 14 and go up to the main road 2. Turn R 3. Take the first f/p on the L, go through two fields to join waymark 20. It cuts some distance off the current walk. When I update the walk, this comment will make no sense to anyone, of course!

7/5/2023 - Michael Corfield

We did this walk in July 2023 and to be honest I can't recommend it. Too many of the stiles/paths are unused/overgrown/broken. In particular, the section from 9 to 11 - unless you like a challenge it is probably easier and no less interesting to stay on the lanes to reach the roundabout at waypoint 11. When we reached the "overgrown stile" at waypoint 14 and found it to be completely impenetrable we gave up. We found our own way to waypoint 24 and from there followed the rest of the walk which was lovely.

7/10/2017 - Charlie Bolton

I re-walked this following Mr Woodcocks comments. Step 7 - yes, we climbed the gate; step 8 - yes, same again; step 9 - OK with walking sticks and bramble-bashing; step 11 - re-worked a bit (turbine has gone!); step 18 - re-worded to make clearer

7/1/2017 - Patrick Woodcock

Glastonbury Tor is lovely and well worth visiting. The walk involves a lot of going through fields but not much walking on roads. On step 7 the gate is locked but you can step over the fences nearby. Step 8 the stile on the left is overgrown but you can go through the gate On step 9 the path to white house was too overgrown so I had to backtrack and go along the road and through a school. If you want to go this way bring some secateurs. I got lost on step 11 (couldn't see wind turbine) The signpost and stile on step 18 is gone but it's still obvious where to go.