Glen Doll - Jock's Road - Bachnagairn

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Jock's Road is a well-known high-level route across The Mounth, linking Glen Clova to Braemar via Glen Doll and Glen Callater. It is named after Jock Winter, a local shepherd who in 1887 along with the Scottish Rights of Way Society, successfully challenged the landowner and established the route as a Right of Way. The complete route from Glen Doll to Auchallater Farm is 20km, however this walk follows Jock's Road north for only 7km before branching north-east across the plateau to Loch Esk and returning down Glen Clova.

The walk begins at the car park in Glen Doll and for the first 3.5km follows forest roads and paths as it climbs gradually into Glen Doll. As you leave the forest the view changes dramatically and the rugged upper reaches of the glen rise before you. 400 metres beyond the forest the climb begins but, thanks to the path rebuilding in 2006, the steeper sections are now stone staircases making the ascent quite straightforward. After climbing for 1.5km the path levels off below Cairn Lunkard and a rough shelter, Davy's Bourach, is a few metres ahead. Close to the shelter is a small hilllock, from where you have superb views all the way back down the glen.

Beyond the shelter the route leaves the security of Jock's Road and climbs over rough grass and heather to the summit of Cairn Lunkard, before continuing across the plateau to join another footpath leading from Loch Esk to Bachnagairn in upper Glen Clova. After visiting the bridge and waterfalls at Bachnagairn, follow a rocky track down the glen, passing Moulzie Farm to reach Glen Doll Forest.

In the forest a new footbridge opened in 2005 crosses the South Esk and a new path follows the west bank of the river to the Glen Doll picnic area and car park. Back at the car park you can relax at the picnic area and cool your feet in the South Esk. Try feeding the birds; the chaffinches here will eat from your hand.

Scotland - Northeast Scotland - Angus - Angus Glens


Great Views, Lake/Loch, Mountains, River, Waterfall, Wildlife, Woodland
4/18/2017 - Colin Young

We walked this circuit on 17/4/17 but didn't want to go up Cairn Lunkard. We were pleased to find a small marker post near the turn off from Jocks road which led us to other posts and a narrow path heading the way we wanted. The path split on 2 occasions and we took the left fork each time and soon merged into the path above loch Esk Both the path up Jock's Road and the one down by Bachnagairn have been greatly improved and consolidated. On the diversion between 15 and 17 the path is now well marked by the passage of boots and there is a sign at the ford directing to the car park path. The deer fence has been cut and tied back to give clear access back onto the path

2/28/2016 - Mike Taylor

Floods on 30th Dec 2015 destroyed the footbridge at Waymark 15, there is a temporary diversion in place from Waymark 15 to 17. At Waymark 15 continue ahead on the vehicle track on the right hand bank, passing through a wooded area to reach a ford at NO280780. Turn right here and closely follow the riverbank downstream around a sweeping right hand bend. Where the river swings left leave the river bank and follow a feint path climbing through a rocky area a few metres above the riverbank. Where a deer fence branches diagonally away from the river stay on the right of the fence for a few metres to where a fallen rock has flattened the fence, cross the fence and in a few metres go through a second fence to reach the footbridge at Waymark 17. Do not cross the bridge, continue downstream on the documented route.

5/28/2014 - Mike Taylor

Thanks for your comments Colin. I have updated the walk accordingly with new photographs and amended descriptions. Waymark 11 has been converted to two new waymarks 11 & 12 to make navigation clearer.

5/7/2014 - Colin Young

Some update information: Car park fee is now £2 At Waymark 3 it says 'the road on the left is your return route'. I think this has wrongly crept in from another route description. At waymark 5 both style and gate have gone At waymark 7 The marker cairn is now larger and noticeable,there is a wee wall of stones blocking off the path ahead I missed out the ascent of Cairn Lunkard and looked for the path to the right marked on the map. It's not there,(not surprised!) though an overgrown small cairn may mark its origins. I just walked over the boggy ground till the loch appeared.(tricky navigation in fog mind you!) At Waymark 11 the path appears about a third of the way up the slope above Loch Esk. It is marked by thin posts which looks yellow from having been chewed by wildlife! The bridge between 12 and 13 over the burn of Altduthrie had recently been renewed At Waymark 14 the wooden footbridge has been renewed with solid handrails. At waymark 15 the metal gates and much of the fence have gone. The track to the right is very much a footpath now, with vehicular access blocked my stones. This was a great walk!

3/29/2011 - Tom and Joyce Kay

Completed this superb walk in the reverse direction after snow, thaw, freeze and snow. The route in this directon is slightly easier with less steep climbing, and makes the climb to Craig Lunkard more obvious. No paths were visible from Bachnagairn to Loch Esk (which was frozen) to Jock's Road and did not become obvious again until Davie's Bourach, but navigation remains straightforward. The only dangers were several snow bridges across hidden burns and care should be taken to listen for running water as the snow can collapse very easily. On a clear day the diversion to Broad Cairn gives fantastic Munro panoramas.