Great Leighs - Terling - Fuller Street Circular

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Great Leighs - Flack's Green - Terling - Fuller Street - Great Leighs

A rural walk through farmland and woods to explore the attractive village of Terling, once home to Henry VIII, returning via sections of The Essex Way.

England - East England - Essex - Countryside


Birds, Butterflies, Church, Flowers, Food Shop, Great Views, Play Area, Pub, River, Toilets, Wildlife
1/18/2021 - Martin Stimson

11 Jan 2021 This walk has increased in popularity and the path is now more clearly defined. Some of the bridges are a little delicate so care needed. The main change is between waymark 3 and 4. The path has been redirected and now hugs the River Ter, passing under the power cables, through a small Bluebell Copse until it gets to Sandy Wood. Here it turns right and goes uphill to join Waymark 4. This is in fact a more pleasant route. The River Ter is narrow but prone to flooding in this area so check beforehand!

8/17/2017 - Martin Stimson

Did this walk 15/08/2017. The first part of the walk from the church adjacent to the diminutive river is overgrown with 'set aside' weeds and flowers. The path is not well used/worn so we followed gingerly where previous walkers had been through the weeds getting wet and stung..suggest you don't wear shorts! The path ends up at the right place but doesn't hug the river. Make use of the map. Where the path then goes uphill under the pylons its location wasn't clear because the farm has now constructed a corale for cattle. We headed around the top of the corale which was full of v inquisitive cattle who then followed us) to the rear of a tall hedge walking with the hedge on the LHS. Then using the map to locate the corner of the woods where the Essex way appears (Signed). From then on the path was obvious. The signposting is poor throughout the route so suggest you take the relevant OS map with you as some footpaths are in the process of being re routed to put them at the side of fields. Some styles have been replaced with galvanised gates and some styles aren't there. The walk through Terling is interesting and the pub is now a modern restaurant. There is now a small T shop almost opposite which was open the day we went. The rest of the walk was fine if a little overgrown esp near the wood on the return leg. A number of horse enclosures have been constructed along the route which are not recorded in these instructions. At one point horses and cattle were in the fields we passed though..worth noting if you intend taking dogs. Otherwise a reasonable walk.

9/22/2014 - tony chambers

A straightforward walk including the charming village of Terling. Unfortunately only one pub on route now, the excellent Square and Compasses at Fuller Street but almost at the end of the Walk. The Terling Inn has closed down. I had to make a slight detour between waymarks 14 and 15 as the farmer had built a deep ditch where the footpath would have been rendering it impassable. Therefore, I made my way to the Braintree Road then walked to Fuller Street from there. However it may be possible to walk along the north edge of Sandy Wood then pick up the Essex Way.

9/23/2009 - David Pereira and Jeni Chester

01/06/09. I just found my notes for this walk, we had just started walking using W W. The beginning of the walk was fun as I had a whole herd of cows following me very closely across the field, the one time we should have got a photo we forgot as it was so funny, we got lost a few times but that was our fault as not having used maps and not used to following directions off road. Easy pleasant walk.

5/1/2009 - Walkingworld Administrator

Thanks to Adrian Perkins for updating this walk, April 2009.

6/18/2007 - Andrew Lines

Tried this walk on 17/June/2007. All the paths were overgrown and no way round, too many stinging nettles at waist height. May be best to try again in the winter.