Great Yarmouth Heritage Walk

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This walk covers a large section of Great Yarmouth including its famous seafront and also its historic relics. It starts by following the ever-popular Regent Road down to the even more popular seafront. There are theme parks and countless attractions dotted along the golden mile and these can be enjoyed if wanted. The route heads this way mainly because of a tall monument located almost at the end of the seafront. Britannia Monument (known locally as Nelson's Monument) is a 147ft-high pillar designed by William Wilkins and built between 1817-1819. The monument can be climbed in a guided tour (217 steps!) which can be booked at

The route then passes through the industrial estate (where the monument is located!) and back towards the town. After a short way you will arrive suddenly at the stunning Town Wall. The first section includes one of the many towers still intact. Construction of the wall began in 1284 and was completed in the late 14th Century. It covers an area of 133 acres, stands 23ft high and runs for 2,238 yards! After walking along the wall for a few minutes you may notice a small burial ground; this is 'The Old Jews Burial Ground' and is an excellent example of the post-medieval Jewish practice of burying their dead outside of a city wall. You then pass the Time and Tide Museum which goes into depth about herring curing works.

The next major historical feature is known as the Toll House. This is now converted into a museum about The Tollhouse and exhibits one of the oldest prisons known in the United Kingdom. Those who come to visit the museum have an opportunity to discover Great Yarmouth's history of crime and punishment dating back from the medieval period to the present day.

The last main historic treat (other than the Historic Quay) are the remains of Greyfriars Friary. The ruins are only open for prearranged visits but you can see a fair amount from the outside! The ruins are beautiful and tucked away behind some newer buildings. I've driven past them many times and never knew the ruins were there! Do spend some time to look around the amazing site. The last part of the walk heads along a short section of the Historic Quay and passes the Elizabethan Museum for an insight into what life was like for the Elizabethans in the area.

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