Keyhaven - Pennington Marshes

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This is an easy-going short walk with plenty to see. If you are interested in birdlife, the sea, history, bracing air, then this walk is a must. Much of it is along the Solent Way. Pennington and Keyhaven Marshes were from the middles ages until the mid-1800s, used for salt extraction. Before refrigeration, meat was salted as a preservative. One large consumer was the dockyard at Portsmouth, for naval ships. The name
'Keyhaven' is reputed to come from the Saxon word 'cy-haefenn' - roughly translated as meaning "the harbour where cows were shipped".
If you have binoculars, do take them - they may be put to good use.

England - South England - Hampshire - New Forest


Ancient Monument, Birds, Butterflies, Castle, Great Views, Lake/Loch, Mostly Flat, Pub, Toilets, Wildlife
11/7/2014 - Andy McTaggart

This truly is a fantastic place to wander, observe and explore. Stunning views of the solent , Hurst Castle and much more. Unlike the majority of marsh areas, these old salt flats contain a number of elevated path ways, hence you are able to extend the route in a number of places, without having to worry about wading through boggy marshland. Great skies, sunsets and a wonderful haven for bird life. This has to be one of the best if not the best place in Hampshire to walk by the sea and enjoy all of life's wonders in and around it.

4/27/2014 - Clive Butcher

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4/14/2014 - Clive Butcher

Did this walk 02/04/2014 and most enjoyable. The green gates at points 3 and 6 have gone but the landfill site at 5 is still working. You can vary the walk at 16 by turning left with the lake on your left and heading to the lock gates at 21. Turn right to cross Oxey Marsh and join the sea wall then right back to Keyhaven. Great birdlife on the marshes. Be aware that the roadway parking mentioned at 23 is liable to tidal flooding and whilst probably not life threatening may result in a paddle to retrieve your car.

7/4/2008 - Walkingworld Administrator

Rewalked and re-documented and updated in May 2008 with grateful thanks to Richard Clayton.

2/22/2006 - anne clarke-kehoe

We did this walk on Sunday Feb 5th. Glorious day with blue skies, and an incredible amount of bird life, which got better and better as the walk progressed. The Chequers pub was a lovely find part way round. A gentle but bracing walk which I would thoroughly recommend.

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