Las Vegas - Lomo Seco - Pino del Guirre - Lomo Romero - Las Vegas

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Las Vegas - Lomo Seco - Pino del Guirre - Lomo Romero - Las Vegas

A 4½-mile, easy walk along cobbled paths, forestry tracks and pine forests, with wonderful views and no vertiginous climbs, in a delightfully non-tourist area of Tenerife.

Spain - Canary Islands - Tenerife - Tenerife


Birds, Butterflies, Flowers, Great Views, Hills or Fells, Mountains, Woodland
1/23/2017 - David Petch

Did this walk 14/1/17, The area was magnificent for walking and the markings and signage have recently been updated so is very easy to follow with regular finger boards stipulating the Las Vegas circular and now yellow and white markings. Enjoyed it so much we returned 23/1/17 and expanded the walk (in reverse) following the TF 83.1 from Las Vegas to Risco El Muerto on very clear signage and markings. After 2.6 miles of fantastic walking and scenery we left TF 83.1 to follow TF 83.3 sign posted back to Las Vegas (7.2 mile round trip) with a possible slight detour to take in the gentle summit of Montana de Tames. A definite hidden gem Dave Petch

4/27/2013 - Paul Ganney

This is a good, well-described walk. A few comments based on walking this on Thursday: 1. Las Vegas is not signposted from the motorway when coming from the south. You need to exit at junction 49, signposted 'Chimiche', which you drive through. Las Vegas is signposted from there. 2. The walk describes the distance as 6.2 miles and 4.5 miles. I believe the latter. 3. 2 hours 42 is very generous. 4. Waymark 2 is very easy to miss. As the waymarks are few, following the descriptions will lead you to cross a steep barranco twice, but will get you back to waymark 4 (where you will feel very silly). 5. The path from waymark 5 is very difficult to spot. A sixth waymark to give a general direction would have been useful. If you miss it, then another barranco crossing is your reward. 6. I did find only 5 waymarks to be on the light side, as it gives little assistance if you go wrong. I hope they're helpful. Yes, I did miss waymark 2 (hence comment 6). My enlarged route was only 4.78 miles and took me 2 hours 51 (hence comments 2 and 3 above). I ran my GPS for the walk and so could submit this enlarged route if you'd like it. It does have 279 waypoints, but is therefore much easier to follow and to be sure you're on the right route. Feel free to publish any of these comments if you think they'd be helpful to others. Paul