Little Hadham Walk

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The public footpaths we suggest you use around Hadham Hall allow excellent close-up views of this ancient, historic property. The site was first settled by the Catevellaunia tribe which led resistance to Julius Caesar's invasion in 53BC. The history of the manor dates back to the 11th Century. In 1076, on the death of the then owner (William, Bishop of London), William the Conqueror gifted the land to a Norman who had accompanied him on the Norman conquest, William le Baud. He was listed in the Domesday Book as Lord Hadham in 1086. The property remained in the ownership of this family until 1504. Then between 1504 and 1900, one of the most influential aristocratic families, the Capels, owned the hall and it became the focus of many famous, historic events. William Capel was twice Lord Mayor of London and had a London home on the site of Capel Court near the Stock Exchange. Sir Giles Capel, who succeeded him, was a close friend of Henry V111. Henry Capel (1537-1588) married a relative of Lady Jane Grey and entertained Elizabeth I at Hadham Hall. In 1698 the Capel family entertained King William II at the hall. Around the time of the Civil War Arthur Capel was heavily involved in supporting Charles I, but after the execution of the King, Capel too, was beheaded. After 1900 the hall was owned by the Minet family, but was also used for training troops during the first and second world wars. From 1952 to 1990 the property became a boarding school, owned by the County Council. It is now a business centre.

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Ancient Monument, Birds, Butterflies, Church, Flowers, Good for Kids, Great Views, Hills or Fells, Pub, River, Wildlife
8/2/2020 - Ken Howard

A very pleasant walk in lovely scenery, which did indeed feel shorter than 5 miles.

9/12/2017 - Chris Thurgill

Very pleasant walk with good views, although it must be remembered that it straddles a very busy A-Road. One thing to note - we measured this as 3.6 miles as opposed to the 5 indicated on the description. I don't think we took a short-cut anywhere!

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