Lyndhurst - Brockenhurst Circuit

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Gentle grassy paths through the woods, silver trickling streams, sandy rides through sun-stroked clearings, deer melting into undergrowth from a glimpse up ahead, woodpigeons crashing through canopy, these are but a few memories of this delightful walk in the New Forest.

This is easy, level walking in prime Hampshire countryside. Most of the way is easy to follow, but a compass may be advisable in dense forest. It is possible to start in Lyndhurst or Brockenhurst and to cut the walk short in either place by taking the train back.

The walk is mostly through old oak but also has brief glimpses of heathland, river and marsh. Marshes are a pleasure in summer, since there are so many dragonflies to be seen.

In the 11th Century the prime objective was to conserve the King's deer and you are very likely to see some if you walk quietly. Commoners still have rights to pasture cattle and horses here and the 'wood pasture' still exists. The area also shows the typical 'inclosures' which were meant as areas set aside for timber production, but ensuring that oak regeneration could continue.

The forest is under pressure from visitors, but it is still possible to lose oneself in an ancient inclosure of oaks and imagine England 900 years ago.

England - South England - Hampshire - New Forest


Birds, Public Transport, Wildlife, Woodland
10/22/2021 - bob higgins

22/10/21 lovely walk we started at Brockenhurst and lunched in Lyndhurst so its more like 11 miles. After very heavy rain waymark 16 along river was impassable with rivers flowing thru trees an easy diversion to 21 was dry and for the rest of the walk. Most streams were wet but passable. Thank you for a super walk but do be careful after very heavy rain. Bob H

7/13/2019 - John Branscombe

Did this walk 13 th July 2019 Excellent varied walk through all aspects of the New Forest Some minor changes to signs etc but overall excellent directions Thank you

6/28/2014 - John Arrowsmith

Dog Friendly Tea Room a few yards into Lyndhurst itself from where the track passing the War Memorial joins the road.

6/28/2014 - John Arrowsmith

Additional Comment: Recommend crossing the Beaulieu Road at the end and heading up to the wide track and turning left towards Lyndhurst to avoid walking on the road.

6/28/2014 - John Arrowsmith

There are a few navigation issues on this walk. Section 5; worth mentioning the relationship of the track needed with respect to Pondhead Farm. Section 8; no sign post to Brockenhurst. Section 11; the Diamond Shape is more of a half-moon. Sections 15 and 16 see my public comments; this path from Opposite Hollands Wood Farm to Bolderford Bridge is really not useable at this time. Section 19; Considerably more than 20 metres from the second fence to the gravel track, more like over 100 metres. Section 20; no signpost to Lyndhurst.

6/28/2014 - John Arrowsmith

We started at Balmer Lawn Road Car Park in Brockenhurst and went clockwise. However following a walk a few days earlier we knew the section of path from opposite Hollands Wood Camp Site (15 and 16 on the walk notes) to Bolderford Bridge was very difficult, presumably due to the winter weather; trees down, the path very indistinct in places, quite claggy and a difficult to navigate. Instead of doing the 1km from Hollands Wood Camp Site to Bolderford Bridge we walked back towards the edge of Brockenhurst and headed across the open grassland from near the Clould Hotel to Bolderford Bridge. We suggest this section of the walk is reviewed.

9/29/2013 - Valerie Monaghan

We did this walk in late September 2013 and thoroughly enjoyed it; we saw deer on three occasions, including, only about 60 yards away, a large stag with his harem, none of whom ran off. The only thing we didn't like was the second crossing of the main A-road near Lyndhurst - very fast traffic. A few minor amendments to the walk details were noted as necessary. Point 3: the 'Parkhill Hotel' sign is now for 'Limewood'. Points 8 and 20: we didn't see any signposts with place names on them, but there are cycle path posts, some of which bear a map grid reference. Point 10; we didn't see the first crossroads that was mentioned, but the 'Frohawk Ride' is well-signed and can't be missed. We thought the 'diamond-shaped' plot of grass in the directions was actually a 'half moon'! Point 16: The path we followed was indistinct at first, but then gets more visible. We would recommend keeping to the fence, even when it gets to be a very narrow path, as we found that, if you cross the small water course, you can get trapped on the apex of an 'island', with only very muddy/wet routes off it! Point 25: we would recommend crossing the road and following the path back via the trig. point - much more pleasant than walking along the road.

12/8/2007 - Stephanie Turtle

Steph and Tracy completed this walk Saturday 1 December. Great instructions meant we had a great time trailing through piles of soggy leaves. Saw a few deer which is always a treat. The only real challenge was navigation over or round water logged ditches next to the river, but it has been exceptionally wet the last few weeks.

4/22/2007 - Stephen Harris

Perfect directions throughout and a lovely walk, especially so at this time of year as the trees are 'new' and the colours magnificient. Walked 22.04.07. I guess in a few weeks the Bluebells will be in full swing and this will be even better than it is now. No mud whatsover so get out there and get it done. It's about right in terms of distance and explores some good sections of the forest. 9/10.

3/28/2007 - Ray Churcher

Did this walk on Wed 28/03/07 on a really pleasant spring day. Excellent walk with good accurate instructions and photo's to match. Except for a few 'damp' bits I would think this is a walk that would be good anytime of the year. Go in the summer or autumn and it would be totally different. Thanks for this-really enjoyed it. Ray Churcher.

7/4/2006 - Brian Hughes

Great easy walk, even on the hottest day of the year so far(!) Accurate instructions as well. Brian and Sue Hughes

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