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A good, short walk for a summer evening or a winter day. For much of the walk there are long views across East Cheshire towards the Pennines and north towards Winter Hill. Parking is easy and routefinding is fairly straightforward, especially after the first twenty minutes or so. At one point the path crosses a disused sand quarry. Depending on wind and rain, it may be possible to see indications of the sand-dunes that would have been present in the Permian desert 240-280 million years ago, when Britain was in the dry heart of a supercontinent at about the same latitude as the Sahara is now.

During the week it is usually very peaceful, but the route does cross a motor-cycle scrambling circuit that appears to be well-used and set out to be properly marshalled. Please consult the marshals before attempting to cross the circuit while racing is in progress. In practice, it is unlikely you will have to wait long before a race finishes. The Public Right of Way takes precedence over the scrambling and the organisers are required by law to let you cross safely. The local authority expressly notes that obstruction of a Right of Way in an offence under the Highways Acts and that it has informed the landowner of this. If you have problems, please inform Cheshire West and Chester Council on 01606-288539 or e-mail It should be obvious as soon as you reach the parking point that scrambling is taking place, so you may wish to find a more peaceful spot for your walk.

As ever in Cheshire, there are muddy sections on this route. Walking-boots are fine but shoes would almost certainly leave you with wet feet!

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5/1/2014 - Philip Ingram

Andrew's comments are spot on. Thank you. I checked the route as far as WP12 on 29th April 2014. As Andrew says, skirting the tape to the right enables you to rejoin the route easily. Alternatively, put your foot on the tape and just walk over it. Rubber soles are good insulators. After WP09, I followed a clear track over the potato field to the point marked in blue - perhaps Andrew's party left this. With luck, my own path to WP10 will be visible for a little, as also that from WP10 to WP11. The obstructions have now been reported to Cheshire West and Chester council.

4/18/2014 - Andrew Edwards

Enjoyable walk completed on the 18/4/2014. Good Dry weather and it took us about 2.5 hours. The part of the walk over the scrambling area is a little unclear, but it can be navigated Couple of Points Between Waymark 2 and Waymark 3 There is an electric fence across the field which blocks off the style. It is possible to duck underneath it, however we walked to the end near the style and through an open area and rejoined the route Between Waymark 5 and Waymark 6 A tree has fallen on to the style preceded by the plank bridge. It is very hard to squeeze between top of style and fallen tree Between Waymark 9 and Waymark 10 This is now a potatoe field and is ploughed, the track is still visible though Between Waymark 10 an Waymark 11 This is a very heavily ploughed field, very difficult to walk across. No signs of any pathway. We did navigate the field following furrows and some tractor tracks

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