Porthkerry Country Park

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A nice easy walk almost entirely within the confines of Porthkerry Country Park. An impressive Victorian viaduct, stunning sea views, kids' play area and the sight of air traffic on final approach just above the trees, provide something for everyone.

Wales - South Wales - Vale of Glamorgan - Coast


Cafe, Great Views, Play Area, Sea
4/8/2013 - Piers Hallihan

As you can see - there have been one or two changes following a review over the easter break. The paths have, unfortunately, eroded to the point where it would no longer be sensible to try taking a pushchair (thanks for the heads up on that!) and the Egerton Grey hotel, recommended for a Tea stop has closed. The verdict on short and easy? 5 year old said it was a nice walk. 9 year old said it was too short and can we go round again!

4/4/2013 - Piers Hallihan

I'm not really sure how to answer the previous comment without causing offence, but I'll try. I don't know anything about you, or your previous walking experiences but I will stand by my description. The walk is short (2.2 miles) and easy. Picture 1, at the start of the walk includes my son who, at the time of submission, was a little over 2 years old. Although you can't see it in any of the pictures, I did push the pushchair around the whole walk (note that I qualified in the description that it would need to be a big wheeled pushchair). Whilst I'm prepared to accept that the paths may have degraded in the 7 years since I submitted this walk, I think your comment says far more about your fitness and ability than my description. I'll do the walk again in the next few days to check the paths and edit the description if needed. I'll take my 5 year old daughter to get a balanced opinion on the "short and easy"

4/3/2013 - Peter Chapman

I chose this walk as a first Walking world walk because it was short and easy. (a) we found it strenuous. Soon after starting we climbed more than 40 m until we were about 10m higher than the viaduct. This was a steep climb on a rough path. This was soon followed by a difficult steep descent. (b) To say that the walk “can be done with a pushchair” is totally misleading for those sections and also because it would get bogged in the section that follows those two. (c) We did not complete the walk but the second loop looked as if it would fit the description “easy”. We intend to do that one day.

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