Ross Circle

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What a wonderful walking experience lies before you. From the village of Ross you will pass Earthquake House. There is an information board at the roadside and as you look over the wall you will see a small building at the top of the hill; this is Earthquake House. Comrie was known as the 'shaky toon'. The fast-flowing Water of Ruchill lies on your left. The route contours round to a woodland section and up to the ruined Blairmore Farm. As you walk steadily up the grass path to join a Land-Rover track, the views open up before you. On the homeward leg you will pass the impressive Aberruchill Castle.

Scotland - Central Scotland - Stirling - Countryside


Castle, Hills or Fells, River, Woodland
6/27/2013 - Brian Charlton

We did this walk today (27/6/2013) and although the weather was not great, we did enjoy this lovely walk. On my GPS though, the total height gained showed as 300m or 1,000ft and not the almost 500m quoted. At waypoint 5 it may help to know that the gate mentioned is just past a small ruined farm house on the right of the track. Through the gate you turn sharp right, almost doubling back and head up hill. The Two Low Hills mentioned at waypoint 8 can be seen on the map and the gap is at NN728186.

6/20/2011 - Will Aitken

Just tried walk 5189--Ross Circle--but got lost at point 6 as did not find Blairmore and then struggled to find route--did eventually do so. Now realise from map that point 9 & 10 are almost south west of 6, 7, 8. This not clear from route instructions as do not indicate have to follow such a direction. Problem is that as climb from point 6, no clear path to ruined farm and it cannot be seen as climb from point 6. Very nice walk just the same.

5/31/2011 - Colin Young

A great walk with the views and experience "as described"! i.e. wonderful! From waymark 8-9 you need to keep faith in the fairly faint landrover tracks which will lead you where you want to go! It feels more than 500yds from the last gate after 8 to the two low hills before 9 - but maybe that was the wind in my face! The gate in the wall after 9 is visible once you pass between the two low hills. However it is better to follow the track as described rather than striking straight for the gate in the wall as the going is so much easier on the basic track!

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