Winslow - Addington - East Claydon - Winslow

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Winslow - Addington - Verney Junction - East Claydon - Winslow

This delightful and easy walk passes through some beautiful Buckinghamshire countryside. It starts in the interesting small town of Winslow, with its finest building Winslow Hall designed by Sir Christopher Wren. An early visitor to the then village was Offa, who is renowned with walkers through Offa's Dyke.

The town is on the railway between Oxford and Cambridge. The line has been closed for years, but the track remains and there are plans to reopen this. The walk crosses and recrosses the line and also goes under it twice via bridges. There is too the little church at Addington and Addington Manor, which is not open to the public. The tiny village of Verney Junction was a railway junction and the general picture with this walk is of the old stationmaster's house now refurbished as a private residence. Waymark 8 is at this junction next to what was the Verney Arms, and is now an italian restaurant.

From here the walk is on a quiet road for nearly a mile. It is part of the national cycle routes, hence the green circles on the map. However, it turns into woodland, so becomes a shady route on a hot summer day. Half of it runs next to the railway embankment and goes under the railway bridges twice. The walk follows parts of two long-distance routes: it begins along the Mid Bucks Way which it leaves at Addington and then joins the North Bucks Way just after Addington Church until the road bends left after the Verney Arms. I am sure you will enjoy this walk.

England - Central England - Buckinghamshire - Aylesbury Vale


Industrial Archaeology, Pub, Restaurant, Toilets
3/30/2021 - Richard Keeling

It is not currently possible to complete this walk as specified. East-West Rail are working on restoring the old railway line and some of the footpaths are closed. Wait until the engineers have left before attempting the walk. Richard Keeling March 2021

9/16/2019 - Dennis Johnson

Verney Arms is now no longer a pub or an Italian restaurant (looks to be a private dwelling now) To confirm the 3 last fields are heavily ploughed and there is no path across them. This makes finding the ongoing path/stile on the opposite sides hard going

8/7/2017 - Ken Howard

A lovely walk in beautiful countryside. However at Waymark 1 the path to the school is hard to locate, because of a huge amount of new house construction. Also note at Waymark 9, the footpath on the right is now closed and overgrown. A new footpath sign has been erected about 100 yards further on the right which leads under the railway bridge. Also the 3 fields mentioned here have been heavily ploughed over and there is no clearly marked path. We had to skirt round the edges.

1/8/2012 - Walkingworld Admin

Our thanks to Gary Rumble for his updates for this walk. January 2012. Adrian (Admin)

1/7/2012 - gary rumble

A very enjoyable, lovely walk.

3/13/2011 - David and Victoria Ludlow

Lovely walk. Thank you.

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