Yarnton - Cassington - Yarnton

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Beginning from St Bartholomew's Church on the edge of Yarnton, the route very soon takes a bridleway that leads along to the railway line, then follows footpaths in fields and meadows to pass Rectory Farm in Worton Park. More fields and meadows follow, on the way to Cassington, a fairly large village of attractive dwellings. The way continues over a disused railway and alongside the main road on a woodland path, soon to enter the large water meadows West Mead and Oxey Mead, a nature reserve area. A tributary of the River Thames courses its way along to join the Oxford Canal at Duke's Cut Lock, and then the towpath is followed for a while before leaving it at King's Canal Bridge. It is then but a short distance over meadows again, back to Yarnton, a very pleasant walk in a flat and naturally beautiful area.

England - Central England - Oxfordshire - Countryside


Birds, Butterflies, Church, Flowers, Food Shop, Great Views, Lake/Loch, Nature Trail, Pub, River, Wildlife, Woodland
2/8/2022 - Rebecca Carley

An opportunity to explore some of the countryside that I usually whizz past on the A40. White noise of the A40 most of the way round but after a while I didn't notice it. Several good refreshment opportunities at Worton Park.

8/7/2017 - Rachel Hales

Tried to complete this walk yesterday 06/08/17 and route is fine until point 9, where it all goes pear shaped from there. The reason for this is that the public footpath is completely overgrown and hidden by brambles etc. I was able to cut through the fir tree plantation as point 9 states but technically I was trespassing on private land, I made it to the road, which brought me out about 25 metres further up the road. The footpath sign has fallen down and I really wish I had taken pictures as its that bad. I tried to walk on the road and meet the waypoint on the other side but again the footpath has completely gone to ruin and needs reporting to the Council. I was actually very cross at how bad things had got and spent over an hour trying to pick up on the route again but without luck. I even lost my lovely sunglasses on the way, so cheesed off about that too! I decided to back track to the car and in total I walked 7 miles in 3 hours!

10/27/2015 - Paul and Tracy Dawson

Nice easy going walk with plenty to see. The footpath is a bit overgrown leading up to Duke Cut Lock but once the other side it's fine. No problem with horses at WM8 now and no long walk along side the A40. Also a new bridge over the railway lines on WM15. Route details still ok.

2/8/2007 - Lesley Riding

We have just walked the Yarnton/Cassington walk and really enjoyed it. I have lived in the area for over 30 years and have never ventured into some of the areas. I would like to point out that there are 2 parts of the walk where there are changes due to the gravel workings between Yarnton and Worton which means that you cannot see the signs. Just follow the edge of the mounded soil and you will see the stile in the distance. The other is when you come out of the wooded area onto the concrete service road. You will need to turn right and then left to look for the stiles into the small wooded area that runs alongside the A40. This is because major changes have been made to the bridge in that area. Hope this helps others.

5/28/2004 - Stuart Clarke

From point 8 you turn into some farm land which has horses, the second field holds a horse amd fowl which I didn't feel safe to enter. Reported this to the Council and they (very quickly I might add) investigated and have spoken to the farm owner. From point 10 this path is currently shut by OCC due to the roadworks they are doing and will remain so until end 2004 by all accounts, you have to walk for about a mile up the A40 (not a pleasant experience!) and then rejoin at point 11.

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